An Ode to Magikarp (I based it off a thing I found on tumblr)

Most people have heard of Pokemon

Some have been following since Season One

From the very first generation you see

There is one Pokemon that is very dear to me


Magikarp is its glorious name

Yet most say it is the most useless in the game

But I shall tell you of its power

And to its strength you shall cower


From its base health of 20 points

The Magikarp shall never disappoint

80 base speed is a very high stat

Doubling in rain beats even that


Trainers argue that splash is a useless move

Speaking as a Pokemon master I disapprove

A Magikarp that has lived for years

Can jump so high it will bring you to tears


Tackle is its weakest and worst attack

But mock it and reality will hit you with a whack

Most people laugh until they have no breath

But I’ll have you know that’s 10 kilos of pure death


A Magikarp is practically legendary

Flail is its final move and is incredibly scary

With no more attacks this move shall occur

With 200 attack your Pokemon shall faint in a blur


You’ve heard my ode and you must be in awe

However the Magikarp has one major flaw

Its evolution is complete utter garbage

So make sure you use the B button to your advantage

(Source: acharansa)